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This is just a small selection of our books at the moment. More to come.

Colour Me Inspired: A colouring book with a difference

Sarah J Houldcroft

The Travel Secret

Sarah Kerrigan

This time it’s different

Lucy Cooper

Dementia: A Practical Handbook for Working People Caring for a Loved One

Sue Grogan

Success Planner – Organising yourself throughout the year

Vicky Stanton

Naughty Nugget

Susie King

Seaside Skeletons – The much-anticipated sequel to The Caterpillar Girl

Adam Longden

Unorthodox Ornithology

Oliver Campling

Silver Splitters: Advice for Midlife Separation and Divorce

Sue Grogan

The Caterpillar Girl

Adam Longden

Living Underwater

Kati van der Hoeven

Eat Your Heart Out

Cherry Whiskin

How Food Shapes Your Child

Louise Mercieca

Life in the Driving Seat – Taking your road trip to happiness

Ann Finnemore

Shining a Light on You – How to Manifest Your Dream Job

Sarah J Naylor

Don’t Be Late in the Morning

Karen Ette

The Wedding Drums

Marilyn Rodwell

Make Your Mondays Matter

Jo James

Unshakeable You – Overcome and Heal from Domestic Violence

Victoria Awele Griffith

The Great British Sexpert’s 101 Sex Tips – A Guide to Pleasing your Man

Rebecca Dakin

Here are just some of the other authors we have worked with: