Life in the Driving Seat – Taking your road trip to happiness

Ann Finnemore

Do you have dreams or hopes that you’ve had for many years, but you never seem to get close to achieving them?

Do you find that no matter how much you want something, you always seem to get derailed on the way to success?

Then Life in the Driving Seat by highly skilled coach and hypnotherapist, Ann Finnemore, has been written for you. This step by step guide will enable you to:

  • Take control of your life.
  • Create your vision of your perfect future.
  • Identify the goals and milestones that pave the way to that future.
  • Create a plan for success.
  • Enjoy the journey to the future you want.

You are on the journey of a lifetime. So make sure it is a truly awesome one!

‘A superb, in depth, but simple guide to self-maintenance’  
Dan Elliott, Practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis, Queensland, Australia

‘Ann’s book offers a truly interactive and practical way to implement life and business change. Straight to the point, with an easy flowing style, I found this more enlightening than a panorama sunroof’  
C Cooper-Hayes, business owner

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About the Author

Ann is an experienced and skilled coach and hypnotherapist. She works with clients to overcome their personal challenges and problems and to achieve their very best. Ann specialises in enabling people to build their confidence and self-belief and to achieve a level of self-understanding that makes achievement of their goals inevitable. After gaining her degree in Biological Sciences, Ann went on to Oxford University to train as a Science Teacher. As well as teaching, Ann also spent a number of years undertaking medical research. A change in personal circumstances caused her to leave research and to work closer to home where she developed her skills and knowledge of both the voluntary sector and the area of adult education, eventually moving to work on the implementation of national policy around post-16 education. Prior to training to be a therapist and coach, Ann was a senior manager in the public sector, directing the development and implementation of national programmes in the Further Education and Training sector. In that role, she gained a Master’s degree in Education (Leadership and Management) and managed teams of diverse specialities, from mathematicians and statisticians to policy developers.

In 2007, Ann began training to become a hypnotherapist and a life coach. After gaining her Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, Ann began training with one of the UK’s foremost life coaches and coaching trainers, Curly Martin, and subsequently gained her Level 7 Diploma in Life Coaching. Ann is also an NLP Practitioner. Ann is an Accredited Coach with the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring.

Ann now runs a busy coaching and therapy practice with her husband Steve in South-West Leicestershire. She manages her own stress through walking and playing with their two Parson terriers, Eddie and Juno, and through the pursuit of her hobby of photography. Ann and Steve’s business, Getting You There, was established in 2008.