What does it cost to publish your book with Goldcrest Books?

Here at Goldcrest Books, we pride ourselves on the care and thought we put into creating your book for you.

We look at each book individually so that you only pay for the services you really need.

If after receiving a quotation from us you wish to have your book published with Goldcrest Books, you will be asked to sign a contract which makes it clear that the rights to your book remain with you.

We look forward to bringing your book to life!

What information do we need from you first?

In order to give you an accurate cost to publish your book we will need the following information from you:

  • What type of book have you written? For example: fiction, non-fiction, memoir, children’s book
  • A short synopsis of the content so we can be sure that we would be happy to publish it
  • Total number of words
  • Has your book been professionally edited?
  • Has your book been professionally proofread?
  • Are there any diagrams or images to be included? And do you have permission to use them?
  • A copy of the first 3 chapters of your book so we can assess your writing

Email us today with your information about your book. We look forward to reading it!

What we do for you:

  • proofread the entire manuscript
  • design of a front and back cover
  • provide and register a Goldcrest Books ISBN
  • produce an appropriate copyright page
  • guidance on any pages we feel need to be included but are not, for example an author page
  • typeset the entire manuscript
  • create an ebook
  • set up an Amazon account in your name
  • after publication your book will be promoted via the Goldcrest Books social media network


Guide price range:

Fiction Books: £2,600 - £4,100

Non-fiction: £3,800 - £5,500

Payable in up to 4 stages:
• Before work commences
• After editing/proofing
• After typesetting
• After completion of both the paperback and the ebook

The final cost to publish your book will depend on the length, complexity of your manuscript and exactly which services you need.

Goldcrest Books’ Editors and Proofreaders

Our authors stand out from the crowd in self-published and traditionally published books because their books have been professionally produced with high publishing standards.

Do you need help with your spelling and grammar, to organise your content or story line? Don’t despair or waste any more time, we can help you.

We have a qualified and long-standing team of editors and proofreaders to help you make your book stand out with the professional finish our authors love.

Editing is priced separately and is not included in the price ranges above. The cost depends on the type of edit required for example, copy, line or developmental, we will advise you.

We can then give you a quotation to edit the whole manuscript. Typical costs range from £650 - £1,800 which we can determine when we have seen a sample of your writing.


A quotation for printing copies of your finished book will be supplied when we know the size and total number of pages for your book. We provide competitive rates for short print runs from 50 books to several 1,000s.