Every time I hear that phrase I want to sing that Foreigner song by the same name! I think I might be showing my age as it was released in 1977! Nevertheless, it was a great uplifting song and it is a great feeling to have, and that is how Lily Mensah and I felt about her book this week.

Back in 2017 Lily and I worked on her first business book Work your QUIRKs. In fact, she was part of a book coaching programme I was running at the time. We had a lot of fun and the end result was a book full of fantastic tips and information on how to build an outstanding business and personal brand. I even got to feature in it with before and after headshots (page 85 if you’re interested!).

Using a theme of diamonds and how they are manufactured to illustrate the points she wanted to put across, her book has been sparkling ever since its release and has sold consistently worldwide.

So why does it feel like the first time this week? Because Lily has taken yet another delivery of her printed books as she keeps selling out. And every time a box is opened and the books are revealed in all their glory, it is just as exciting as the first box that was opened.

However, for something to feel like the first time again and again you must be passionate about your subject and believe in its success, otherwise it is just another cardboard box.

Lily is an excellent example of how to create a book she believes passionately in and to market it in such a way that it becomes an asset to her business.
Work your QUIRKs is available as a book, ebook and an audio book too. You can find it at www.lilymensah.com or Amazon.

If you want to create a book which will become an asset to your business then find out more here or drop me a line and we can get you started.

“My career in branding and communication has allowed me to live and work for Global brands across Europe, Africa and the USA. I’ve a diverse portfolio in business and personal development and combine them to serve with humility and respect.”

Lily Mensah