Have you got your reviews organised? The Box starts well

Receiving 5* reviews early on in a book’s publishing life is always exciting. And The Box by Anthony Sauerman has been lucky enough to have had some great reviews as you can see here.

The Matchstick Boy – Rowena Kinread

If you enjoyed your own display of fireworks this November, the chances are you lit your rockets with a match. There is far more to this humble piece of wood than meets the eye and the history behind this once essential item is fascinating and part of the story behind Rowena Kinread’s latest novel. Based […]

Your read for the witchy month: Not Forever Dead – Jules Langton

It is incredible how quickly September seems to be slipping away from us! October will soon be upon us and with it Halloween!  In readiness for the month of spooks, spectres and witches it is the perfect time of year for a chat with Jules Langton about the first two parts of her witchy trilogy!

Live a Life to Die for by Roger Davies

I don’t know about you, but knowing tomorrow is the first of February has left me wondering what happened to January! And more importantly all those resolutions we decide are going to change our lives – did they? Are we still keeping to them? Reading online and talking to people, it is clear to me […]