This is the fourth in a series of blog posts introducing Goldcrest Books publications that are great for Lockdown!

This month we are looking at Locked Down But Not Out, a diary written by Gillian Jones-Williams during lockdown.

All proceeds from the book go to the fund for families of NHS workers who lost their lives during the pandemic.

Locked Down But Not Out

Photo courtesy of Spiros Kurtidis.

No one could have predicted what would happen in 2020, the year that shocked the world. When coronavirus hit it plunged every country into lockdown and killed millions of people. For the NHS it was a major unprecedented crisis as they worked in horrendous conditions to save as many lives as possible.

Everyone was touched by the pandemic; our freedom was brutally taken away and our income affected – some more than others. Businesses were closed, whole industries were shut down, jobs were lost and mental health was affected. For Gillian Jones-Williams, her training company that she founded twenty-five years ago, was devastated, with all bookings cancelled within a few weeks. And whilst she struggled to turn the business around, the world went through changes that we could never have envisaged. Each day brought new shocks as we watched legendary events being cancelled, airports grinding to a halt, shops and restaurants closing, and politicians making life-changing decisions that had far-reaching effects.

This book documents not just one woman’s fight to save her business, but a daily diary of events that occurred, and every decision that the Government made.

But more importantly, it is to remember the extraordinary NHS workers who died from Covid-19 and it celebrates the amazing people in the NHS who fought so bravely to save us, and the key workers who kept our country running. And, of course, the legendary Captain Sir Tom Moore.

They gave their lives to help our families. Now we must help theirs.

May we always remember.

Meet the Author

Gillian is the Managing Director of Emerge Development Consultancy which she founded over 25 years ago. She is a Speaker, Leadership Development expert, Master Executive Coach and women’s champion.

She works internationally to deliver the RISE Empowering Women’s Programme but particularly in the Middle East. She has co-authored two books on coaching.

In January 2020 she was announced as one of the Top UK Female Entrepreneurs by F:Entrepreneur in the #IALSO campaign. She has two children, Lawrence and Elly and a stepson Sam.