Can I get rid of adverts on my website?

I was asked by one of my author clients recently if it was possible to get rid of the adverts on a website. You know the sort of thing – random ads appearing on your pages and in your sidebar. Sometimes these ads even appear in the middle of one of your pages between paragraphs. Well, you can now get rid of those ads, but it will cost you, of course. is essentially the free version of which is the all singing all dancing website creation software. I am assuming that as you are reading this blog then you already know about and, so I will just concentrate on the question of adverts.

If you want to prevent adverts showing up on your website then you can subscribe to one of three paid plans. The one you choose will depend on what you use your website for and how much you want to spend. You can start with spending as little as £4 per month for a personal plan which will remove all the ads.  You will also get support either by email or chat if you run into difficulties and will have double the amount of space that the free version will give you.

The Premium and Business plans offer other benefits and you can compare all three plans and upgrade here:

It is simple to upgrade to a paid plan. Just click on the plan which best suits you and follow the instructions to link your existing website to your plan. So you don’t need to be frustrated any more by adverts appearing all over your carefully designed pages.


My thanks to the talented romance authors at New Romantics Press for allowing me to use their home page as an example.


Are you prepared if your laptop dies?

My laptop is dying! Yep, after about 5 years and a couple of mishaps it is on the way out. It’s done well considering. At least it is giving me notice though. If I try to switch it on, it just freezes, you know the sort of thing, and then the only course of action is to switch it off, cross my fingers and try switching it on again.

But at least, as I said, it is giving me a warning, it is giving me time to prepare for its ultimate demise.  As with many of you no doubt, my whole life and work is on my laptop. Every photo, every carefully written document. You could have whole books on yours which have taken months if not years to write. Imagine not being able to access any of that information, imagine losing all your hard written words. And imagine the effort of trying to rewrite them from just your memory.

Knowing that death is imminent means I can make sure I am prepared. So I thought I would share my preparations so that you can be prepared for an unexpected death in your technological family. Read more