Feels like the first time!

Every time I hear that phrase I want to sing that Foreigner song by the same name! I think I might be showing my age as it was released in 1977! Nevertheless, it was a great uplifting song and it is a great feeling to have, and that is how Lily Mensah and I felt […]

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Can I get rid of adverts on my WordPress.com website?

I was asked by one of my author clients recently if it was possible to get rid of the adverts on a WordPress.com website. You know the sort of thing – random ads appearing on your pages and in your sidebar. Sometimes these ads even appear in the middle of one of your pages between paragraphs. Well, you can now get rid of those ads, but it will cost you, of course. Read more

Are you prepared if your laptop dies?

My laptop is dying! Yep, after about 5 years and a couple of mishaps it is on the way out. It’s done well considering. At least it is giving me notice though. If I try to switch it on, it just freezes, you know the sort of thing, and then the only course of action is to switch it off, cross my fingers and try switching it on again. Read more