Your read for the witchy month: Not Forever Dead – Jules Langton

It is incredible how quickly September seems to be slipping away from us! October will soon be upon us and with it Halloween!  In readiness for the month of spooks, spectres and witches it is the perfect time of year for a chat with Jules Langton about the first two parts of her witchy trilogy!

Messages drawn from Nature by Cheryl Carter

We are having some pretty erratic weather here in the UK at the moment. Spring sometimes feels like it has turned into summer, but then we are plunged into what feels like winter again with torrential rain and thunderstorms. Nature can certainly throw a lot at us at times. It can also have an effect […]

Live a Life to Die for by Roger Davies

I don’t know about you, but knowing tomorrow is the first of February has left me wondering what happened to January! And more importantly all those resolutions we decide are going to change our lives – did they? Are we still keeping to them? Reading online and talking to people, it is clear to me […]

Me, Gorbachev and the Tourists by Phil Caldwell

With Christmas over and the new year underway, the talk has turned to holidays! Have you booked yours yet? There are apparently (if the radio ads are to be believed) lots of deals to be had! Holidays and travel are just some of the themes in Phil Caldwell’s new book, Me Gorbachev and the Tourists […]

DREAM DIE REPEAT by Jules Langton

This time I would like to introduce you to Jules Langton who became a published author this  year. DREAM DIE REPEAT is her debut novel and I don’t think I will be spoiling anything if I say that it won’t be her last! Here’s an insight into her writing life.

Sins of the Past by new author Robert Griffiths

I would like to introduce you to a new author whose book, Sins of the Past, we have recently published here at Goldcrest Books. I always find it fascinating talking to authors about what got them writing and how their books come about. So I thought I would share an interview I had a short […]