This is the second of a series of blog posts introducing Goldcrest Books publications that are great for Lockdown!

This month we are featuring Rachel Maunder’s 50 Lessons from Lockdown based on her #WHATONESMALLTHING? initiative.

It is full of photos and inspiration to make you think.

50 Lessons from Lockdown

What one small thing can you do to make yourself and those around you feel just a little bit better?

What one small thing can you to keep moving forwards?

What one small thing can you do to help you see things differently?

Written as a series of daily posts during the lockdown period due to Covid 19 in early 2020, and with a different theme each day, this is a great little book to keep by your bedside, on your desk or in your bag so that you have them to hand when your spirits need a lift.

Read one a day, one a week or just dip in when you need to.

What one small thing can you do?

Meet the Author

With her vision for a world where women and the feminine style of management become more significant and more highly valued alongside the more results-driven masculine style, in more normal times Rachel Maunder works with professionals to help them develop a confident professional brand, so they communicate their own value with greater confidence and make more impact.

The role of mindset and resilience is always a key part of her work and during this period of Covid 19, Rachel has switched her focus to speaking, coaching and training more specifically on this topic, with her signature talk of Simple Steps for Greater Resilience.

In her work she draws on her experience as a counsellor and as a magistrate,. her natural gift for finding balance and humour in any situation and as an excellent communicator herself.

Rachel offers training, coaching and speaking in most areas of communication skills, including Presentation Skills, Networking, Effective Communication and Handling Challenging Conversations and has now adapted these for virtual training sessions.