Dementia: A Practical Handbook for Working People Caring for a Loved One

Sue Grogan

“I wish we had this book when my mum was diagnosed with Dementia, it would have made things so much easier for us”

Are you struggling to juggle working, looking after your family and just keeping your head above water whilst caring for someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s?

Designed to be a practical resource, Dementia: A Practical Handbook, covers everything you need to know if you are caring for a loved one.

  • Information you didn’t know you needed.
  • A list of useful organisations and websites.
  • Top tips in each chapter.
  • Additional downloadable checklists.
  • Become better informed about actions to take.
  • Tips for managing your time more effectively.
  • Nutritional advice to keep you healthy.
  • Advice on looking after yourself.


Available as an ebook or paperback

About the Author

Over Sue Grogan’s lengthy career she has gained experience, insight and awareness of the impact that can be caused when experienced staff have significant challenges at home that lead to them needing to take time away from their role at work.

She set up her business, Joined Up Work, to help people, whether they be managing a business or working within that business to make it productive. This was after a number of years in the NHS at the front line as a therapist, team manager and departmental manager. Sue subsequently headed up a number of large projects across health and also social care. She ended up with a key role in a partnership that worked across the public and private sector to develop and deliver training programmes.

Sue uses all her people skills, managerial and operational skills to help businesses retain their experienced staff and for those staff to cope with the challenges they have.