Unshakeable You

Victoria Awele Griffith

If you have experienced domestic abuse

and find yourself losing faith in who you are and your abilities to move your life toward peace, joy, happiness and a renewed faith, remind yourself that even though you may feel shaken at times, you can become Unshakeable!

….You do not need to feel shaken or defeated by life’s challenges and struggles

….Understand that you, too, can Master your Mind to overcome and heal

.…You, too, can obtain emotional freedom

….You, too, can become “Unshakeable You”!….YES….YOU!

Unshakeable You! is one of the most exposing and revealing accounts of life’s journey. It will have you toying with so many different emotions, but with one aim, which is to uplift the human spirit through strength, courage, faith, resilience, self-discovery and healing from domestic violence.

Unshakeable You! is a book of heart-felt stories and a practical guide for everyone who is willing to become more confident and empowered on their journey of life.

If your past still has a hold on you through past hurts, resentment, an unforgiving spirit, doubt, fear and disconnection with self, this book will help to increase your faith and optimism in order for you to begin AGAIN!

So be brave and declare right now that you are “Unshakeable YOU”!

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About the Author

Victoria Griffith is a Mother, Empowerment Specialist, Mind-Set Coach, Author, Consultant, Inspirational Speaker, Survivor of Domestic Violence, School Governor and Founder & CEO Spectacular Woman.

As a survivor of domestic violence, she has been able to overcome and heal from it and wants to help others finally release their fears, insecurities, limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Her mission and focus is simply one thing; to enable individuals to OVERCOME and HEAL from domestic violence. The ultimate goal is for individuals to see themselves differently to take charge of their life, find their purpose, be empowered to be all they can be and start living and creating a life they truly deserve.