The Travel Secret: How to plan your big trip and see the world

Sarah Kerrigan

The Travel Secret: How to plan your big trip and see the world is a guide on how to break the holiday mould and make long-term travel a reality. Seasoned traveller, Sarah Kerrigan, talks through the steps required to plan an extended trip, including:

  • Planning a career break
  • Budgeting and saving up / financial planning
  • Deciding where to go
  • Life on the road
  • Travel hacking
  • Finding your feet when you get home

This guide contains everything you need to consider to turn your pipe dream into a practical trip plan. It includes advice on what to say to the naysayers and how to get the most out of your adventures. The Travel Secret: How to plan your big trip and see the world will transform the way you travel forever.

 “The best advice comes from those “in the know”, those who have first-hand experience of the things they are sharing.  So who better to provide travel advice than Sarah with her extensive travel experience?  “The Travel Secret” is packed full of practical information, useful resources and worldly observations.  Sarah’s passion for travelling is evident throughout this read and will open up this passion for you as you more fully understand the intricacies and delights of seeing the world.  Happy travels!” – Lindsay Taylor, award winning author, trainer and coach.


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About the Author

Sarah lives with her husband in London, UK and her favourite pastimes are bungee jumping, flying trapeze, red wine and fine dining – though obviously not all at the same time!

When she’s not travelling around the world, Sarah works as an Executive Assistant and runs her own Virtual Assistant business,

Sarah has completed two extended trips to date, and her third, to South America, is next on the cards.

Having enjoyed keeping blogs to keep friends and family up to date whilst she travels, Sarah decided to take it to the next level by writing this book, to share her tips, stories and experience. You can follow her book-writing adventures by visiting