The Great British Sexpert’s 101 Sex Tips – A Guide to Pleasing your Man

Rebecca Dakin

The ultimate guide to great sex whether you are a complete novice or well-practiced. This book gives you all you need to know for any occasion or level of skill!

Leading British sexpert and ex escort, Rebecca Dakin, is not just an author but also a mentor and sought-after T.V sexpert. Inspired by a great British baking programme and the delightful mixture of three of her favourite things; cake, sex and tea, she explores the delicious ingredients that make up this desirable combination.

Enjoy this tongue in cheek look at the joy of sex.


About the Author

As The Great British Sexpert her aim is to help people embrace intimacy, boost body confidence and explore or rediscover pleasure in sex and dating! She is able to connect with people in a way that supports them, building bridges naturally in a relaxed and compassionate way. People from all different backgrounds open up to her about their deepest secrets, ask her advice and often tell her they feel as though they’ve known her for years.

She is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as a qualified practitioner of Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy.

Her personal journey from convent schoolgirl to escort isn’t the most typical of stories and 10 years in the escorting world taught her a thing or two about how people tick. It’s exactly this expertise that she wants to share.