This book is a fascinating and unique record of a difficult time in our history. For those of us who did not live through WWII, this moving record of one man’s experience of life on land and sea gives us a rare insight that cannot always be gained through history books.  It is also a fitting tribute to all those men who gave their lives for our freedom.

A must for anyone interested in this period of our history.

Brown H.O.

Compiled by Geoffrey Warner

Ronald Warner worked in a bank before joining the Navy and serving during WW2. Written in verse and prose, his account of life off and on board ship is a unique record of that time. The book also includes a selection of poems some written to his wife and family whilst serving.

Warner captures events and horrors as well as the camaraderie he experienced during the war and his stories are a poignant reminder of the bravery and sacrifice of so many men.

Compiled by his son, Geoffrey Warner, from original diaries and drawings.

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