Shining a Light on You – How To Manifest Your Dream Job

Sarah J Naylor

Are you fed up of just doing a job to earn money?

Do you want to make your next career move a good one?

Do you want to discover what your new job looks like and what it means to you?

Shining A Light On You encourages you to focus on your talents and passions, and to explore what makes your heart sing.  It takes a unique, holistic approach to the career path that will enable you to change your approach to work forever by viewing your career moves with a completely different mindset.

Learn how, once you know what you want to do, you can manifest that opportunity into your life – forgoing endless job searches and interviews!

If you’re ready to love the life you live and incorporate this approach to your career, as well as your life outside of work, then this book is for you.


About the Author

Sarah Naylor is a highly energetic & enthusiastic businesswoman, entrepreneur, speaker, recruiter, coach and author. She has spent 30 years in recruitment and has run her own coaching practice since 2012.  She writes for The National Council of Psychotherapists as well as making regular appearances as an expert on local radio and television.

By combining her professional expertise with her spiritual take on life, Sarah has created this book to help you to move forward to fulfil your potential, and ultimately live a happier and healthier life.

Sarah truly believes that through the process of understanding yourself, connecting with your talents and passions, and creating a positive mindset, you can create a life that you love to live – right now.