How Food Shapes Your Child

Louise Mercieca

Did you know there’s a link between food and poor childhood development?

Are you concerned about childhood obesity?

Not sure how to introduce healthy foods into your family’s diet?

Are your family mealtimes repetitive and dull?

In her debut cookbook, Nutrition Advisor and Personal Trainer Louise Mercieca, explores the unhealthy relationship between processed foods, sugar, trans fats and childhood obesity. This book is an essential guide for parents on childhood nutrition, as well as sharing a range of fun, healthy meal ideas.

“Childhood obesity isn’t just an aesthetic issue – children do not necessarily grow into themselves, grow out of it or burn it off.  If your child is carrying excess fat it is unhealthy and is likely to affect their relationship with food as adults.”

Find out how tasty, home-cooked, fresh food can provide a lifelong solution. Through this cookbook, Louise aims to brighten up your family mealtimes with delicious, colourful recipes containing fresh, local ingredients.

“If you form some healthy, good habits now, you will be providing your children with the greatest possible chance of good health as they grow into adults.”


About the Author

Louise Mercieca is a personal nutrition expert and founder of The Health Kick. Whilst working as a Personal Trainer and Group Instructor, Louise became fascinated by the connection between athletic performance and food. After studying Clinical Nutrition and Life Sciences, Louise became a nutrition expert and established her business, The Health Kick, in 2012.

Louise is happily married and a proud mum to son, Owen. Based in rural Leicestershire, Louise enjoys running and healthy eating. As a parent and self-proclaimed foodie, one of Louise’s main aims is to arm fellow parents with important knowledge about the types of food that aid childhood development and promote good health. In this book, Louise shares her passion for nutritional, tasty food, as well as sharing essential guidance for parents on nutrition.

In Louise’s own words:

“I LOVE food! My mission is to help people create lifelong changes that can be passed down through each generation – no more yo-yo dieting or fads”.