This time it’s different

Lucy Cooper

Another showdown with her business partner is not what Rachel needed. But enough is enough and when a family crisis erupts she jumps at the chance to help. Maybe getting away from London will give her the space she needs to re-think her life. The trouble is, that’s not quite as easy as she thinks with an abandoned four year old niece to bond with and a brother who can’t seem to cope.

Making friends with Jane, a widow who lives at The Hall, is just what Rachel needs. Although Jane is a staunch ally her eldest son Jonathon is definitely not. Mistrustful and withdrawn, Jonathon does not want his inheritance but does his charming younger brother Charlie have what it takes?

With her first local catering event in danger of turning into a disaster and the love she is hoping for as much out of reach as ever, Rachel’s dreams of a new life seem to be in danger of dissolving fast. Will she be tempted to return to the life she once so longed to leave behind?

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About the Author

One of Lucy Cooper’s earliest memories is walking (or rather running), alongside her father as he strode across the fields behind their house, dogs racing ahead. He had a profound love of the English countryside and he passed that on to her. Alongside that she has always loved reading romantic novels, Georgette Heyer, Jean Plaidy and Susan Howatch being favourites from her teenage years. As a writer, the opportunity to combine these two passions was irresistible!

Lucy Cooper also writes children’s fiction under the name Alex Gutteridge and her YA books, Last Chance Angel and No Going Back have been short-listed for several awards. No Going Back won the Northamptonshire Children’s Choice Book Award in 2015.