#WednesdayWords – D is for…

This is the next post in the #WednesdayWords weekly series where I will bring you some wonderful words every Wednesday.

There will be 5 words each week.  One of the 5 will have a connection to reading, writing or language in general. Some you may have heard of but I am also hoping to bring you some that you don’t know.

So watch the short video below and let’s get started with D.

And just in case you are not sure of the meanings, I have included them below the video.

How many did you know? Check your meanings here…

D is for

Dactylology – the study of sign language

Dodecahedron – a shape with 12 faces

Draconian – describes laws or actions that go further than is right or necessary. Usually extremely severe.

Dromophobia – the fear of crossing streets


Dog – Did you know…

  1. The saluki is the oldest known domesticated dog breed. It dates back to 329BC
  2. A greyhound can reach a speed of up to 45 mph
  3. Over 7,000 disabled people in the UK have an assistance dog to help them. There are all sorts of tasks that an assistance dog can perform.

What is your favourite D word this week?