#WednesdayWords – C is for…

This is the next post in the #WednesdayWords weekly series where I will bring you some wonderful words every Wednesday.

There will be 5 words each week. Why 5? It seemed like a good odd number to me! One of the 5 will have a connection to reading, writing or language in general. The others you may have heard of but I am also hoping to bring you some that you don’t know.

So watch the short video below and let’s get started with C.

And just in case you are not sure of the meanings, I have included them below the video.

How many did you know? Check your meanings here…

C is for

Cacology – bad choice of words or pronunciation

Campaniform – bell-shaped

Clatfart – gossip

Crepuscular – twilight


Coconut – Did you know…

  1. Far more people lose their lives to coconuts than to sharks. About 150 people are killed each year by falling coconuts.
  2. In Thailand and Malaysia monkeys are trained to pick the coconuts and competitions are held to find the fastest harvester.
  3. The water in a coconut was used during WWII in some tropical countries as a substitute blood plasma.

What is your favourite C word this week?