Enjoy my outside space and greenhouse during Lockdown

Here is a series of videos taken in my greenhouse. I share what I have been planting and we see how everything grows from week to week. Plus I have some book related gossip too.

Episode 1

I introduce the occupants of my greenhouse and a new publication from Goldcrest Books

Episode 2

How things have grown. A children’s book to entertain during lockdown.

Episode 3

A new addition to the greenhouse plus gossip about probably the greatest novelist of the Victorian era.

Episode 4

Two Goldcrest Books publications and a new addition to the greenhouse. There’s also something for those of you with a sunny windowsill.

Plus find out which childhood book could be worth thousands of pounds.

Episode 5

More additions to the greenhouse and some departures. Plus the story behind a beautiful poetry book as well as two more Goldcrest Books publications.

Episode 6

A children’s book of fun facts about birds and news about the British writer who wrote the most books in the 20th Century. Catch up with the plants too – will the runner beans be sprouting?!

Episode 7

A book about travel and emotions – just right for these times. Plus more news on the runner beans and the other occupants.

And three unusual author deaths!

Next time…

Find out what the connection is between motorways and books! What is happening with the seeds and plants – will the watermelons have sprouted?

Also an up and coming Goldcrest Books publication to help raise money for charity.